Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Editor

In most business environments, the need for an editor naturally fluctuates with work flows and work volumes. While it may not make sense to bring an editor on full-time, contracting a freelance editor ensures your documents are getting the detailed review they need, and provides many other benefits to your organization.


On face value, the hourly rate of a freelance editor may be more than what you would pay a full-time, in-house employee. Even with this difference, your organization will recognize a cost savings by hiring a freelancer. When you hire a freelancer, you do not provide health insurance or a retirement plan. There are no overhead costs, like office space, computers, phones, printers, and paper clips. You do not provide paid vacation or sick leave. You pay them only for the time they spend adding value to your projects and your organization.


When you hire a freelance editor, you can rest assured you are hiring someone who is passionate about their expertise and knowledge of the English language. They have created a business around providing a service and using skills they love.


Freelance editors build their business on repeat clients and word of mouth. Their reputation is of the utmost importance. When you hire a freelance editor, you will see their best work, because they rely on your business. And, as mentioned above, they are following their passion.


Work for an editor ebbs and flows naturally with the volume of work or nature of your business. Your organization may only produce reports that require an editor three to four times per year. With a freelance editor, you only need to bring them onto a project when they are needed. You have the ability to call in the expert on-demand. You are not paying them to be available – you pay them only when they are working for you.

When you hire a freelance editor, you are getting all the benefits of having an editor on your terms. Someone working as a freelance editor is passionate about what they do and they are ready and willing to bring their expertise to your team.

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